Questra World

Discover EXACTLY what is Questra World and how does Questra World work.

Most importantly, learn how you too can:
Earn from 5% to 15% INSTANT Referral Commissions as a Questra World Partner/Agent.
Earn between 1000 € and 500 000 € Level-Up Bonuses as you climb your career ladder.

My name is Musa “The Giant”, from Durban, South Africa.

I am an A.G.A.M Investor and a Questra World Agent.

Let’s get down to business…

Questra ScamHere is what you are about to discover:

What Is Questra World?

  • Questra World is an advertising broker with the exclusive rights to promote and sell financial products of the investment fund Atlantic Global Asset Management.
  • Questra World originates from the financial holding company SFG Group since 2009.
  • The headquarters of the advertising broker is located in Spain, in the city of Madrid.
Questra Holdings Explained
Jose’ Manual Gilabert.

By creating an advertising broker like Questra World, Senior Executive Director, Jose’ Manual Gilabert use the adverting promoter model verified by more than a million companies and used for more 50 years: the Multi-Level Marketing model (MLM), and was the focus of Questra World.

  • All companies spend huge amounts of money on advertising. The MLM promotion model was chosen by the management of the Questra World broker insofar as it is much cheaper and requires a smaller budget to search for new clients than by the media, radio, and internet.
  • The development and advertising model according to the famous system of promotion Multi-level marketing MLM was introduced in the company in 2014 only, previously Questra World only worked with corporate customers. The model quickly demonstrated its effectiveness and economic value.
  • In fact, the very system of capturing new clients is constituted in such a way that at the beginning, with the help of Multi-level marketing, natural persons became acquainted with the company, and during the dissemination of information, Corporate clients with significant capital address themselves to the company.

The advantage and the prospect of a network marketing are so far indisputable. And it is difficult to say otherwise. With all the economic upheavals of the world, networked companies still show a powerful growth dynamic and Questra World is no exception.

Questra Affiliate Program

Questra World Offers Two Types of Income.

  1. Percentage of yield on Sales.
  2. Bonus Programme.

Questra World is a universal business opportunity, interesting for all types of entrepreneurs. For the company’s clients seeking higher profits and earnings.

Questra World advertising broker offers Two Types of Income.

1. The Primary Source of revenue is the Percentage Return on the Sales of the products of the Atlantic Global Asset Management investment fund, based on the career scale of the agent entering into the contract with the advertising broker Questra World.

  • When a client purchases investment portfolios on the recommendation of Questra World Agent, the agent is awarded compensation for advertising and promotion of the company as a percentage of the value of the product sold by Agent, according to his career grade.

2. The Second Source of reward is the Bonus Program.

  • By reaching the level of the career ladder and executing the conditions of the program, in addition to the percentage of income the agent receives bonuses in cash at each level of the career ladder.

Let’s take a closer look.

Questra World Career Ladder:

Questra Career Ladder

Let’s look at the second type of income, the Bonus Program:

The Bonus Program consists of 11 career levels, by climbing them you will not only get a new position, but you will also increase your percentage of return on sales of the company’s products.

The change in levels depends on the volume of your sales and your entire structure.

  • In order to upgrade to Level 2 (Bronze Agent):
    –  You and your organization, without time constraints, have to realize a sales volume of 3,000 Euros.
  • To go to Level 3 (Silver Agent):
    – You and your organization have to realize a sales volume of 25 000 Euros.
    In fact, you only need to realize a sales volume of 22 000 Euros, plus the 3, 000 Euros you and your team already made at level 2 will give you the 25 000 Euros.
  • To go to Level 4 (Gold Agent):
    – You and your organization have to realize a sales volume of 50 000 Euros.
    Again, you only need to realize a sales volume of 25 000 Euros, plus the 25, 000 Euros you and your team already made at level 3 will give you the 50 000 Euros.
  • To go to Level 5 (Platinum Agent):
    – You and your organization have to realize a sales volume of 100 000 Euros.
    Again, you only need to realize a sales volume of 50 000 Euros, plus the 50, 000 Euros you and your team already made at level 4 will give you the 100 000 Euros.

I am sure you get the drift by now, so you keep going up to Level 11 “Super director” with a sales volume of 100 000 000 Euros.

The Volume of Sales for Transition:

Questra World Career Path

For example, having worked 3-4 months, you became Agent Level 4 Gold with an agent return percentage of 10.5%. You have sold to your client a “Red” investor portfolio worth € 7,290. Depending on your Level 4 and your return percentage of 10.5% the income you draw is 765 Euros.

The higher your sales volume and the higher your level, the more money you earn.

Questra Income Structure

Questra World Training and Qualification as Director.

Top Managers, psychologists and advisers of Questra World train Directors and within a few days pass their years of experience.

  • In order for managers to reach more levels and obtain their bonuses of 50,000 QP, 150,000 QP or 1,000,000 QP, Questra World has developed a special skill upgrading program that each manager must appropriately follow at Questra World headquarters in Madrid.
  • Questra World’s top managers and consultants with several years of experience in the brokerage field, test the managers’ knowledge for several days, draw up a plan for them and show them what their professional weaknesses have been overcome, Obtaining a significant remuneration.

Questra World Training and Development

Signing a Contract of Director in Madrid, Spain.

Upon passing the training and directors conclude director contract.

After passing the various qualification statutes and passing an examination at the company’s headquarters, a different contract from the current agent contract will be concluded with each agent after taking office at Questra World, once became a director.

Questra World Signing a contract in Madrid

Questra World Interest-Free Loans for Directors.

  • The loan shall be repaid from the income from the structure operation.
  • The structure itself is the guarantor for the loan repayment.

Advertising broker Questra World believes that success depends entirely on the work of its employees. Questra World is the world’s leading provider of business and financial services.

The employee must make a contribution of only 25% of the value and the remaining 75% are lent by the holding company over 10 years. The zero-rate loan is reimbursed on the part of the profit received by the employee of its structure, and the structure itself acts as guarantor, as a reliable and advantageous bond.

Zero Credit Offers for Managers.

The zero rate loan program is available for:

  • Directors from Level 8Gold Director
  • Who received a bonus of 150,000 QP,
  • Working in the financial holding for at least 6 months.
  • With the status of director and own center of active consultancy.
  • And at least 3 advisory centers active in its structure.

Questra World Loans

Come and Join Us And Start Earning Your Financial Freedom.

Dear friends!

You were able to discover a complete presentation of a modern and very interesting company called QUESTRA WORLD Inc.

In order to benefit from all the advantages of the Atlantic Global Asset Management advertising broker Questra World, Act Right Now!

From now on, all the borders of the company are open to you.
It is up to you to know how to take advantage of such an opportunity

Questra World offers you the chance to achieve real independence very quickly.

Will you be able to seize your chance?

Only 4 Steps and Kick-Start Your Questra World Career:

  1. Click HERE to Register and Create your Account for free.
  2. Enter your phone number and email address.
  3. Leave the Agent ID (P09201492561608) as it is, notice that my nickname “TheGiant” below my Agent ID.
  4. Click the REGISTER button.

You will receive a text message with your temporary password. In case you did not receive a text message with your password, you can request them to email the password to you instead.

After you fill in your temporary password, you will then be automatically logged into your Atlantic Global Asset Management back-office.

NOTE: Use the same login credentials to login to your Questra World back-office.

Welcome to Questra World!

Questra World Business Opportunity


P.S: Click HERE to REGISTER and JOIN Questra World.

P.P.S: Drop me a comment below if you have more questions, or send me a message via the Contact Us page.

Questra World Zulu Live Presentation:

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16 thoughts on “Questra World

  1. Emmanuel Joshua Diga

    Thank u Musa TheGiant for this great opportunities embedded on ur site, I think we have all we need to pursue our career dream in Questra/A.G.A.M

    1. MusaTheGiant

      Hi Emmanuel,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Most definitely, A.G.A.M + Questra World + Bitcoin = Massive Success!

      But this above formula only works for those who seize this opportunity, take MASSIVE ACTION and run with it!

      If you are here, reading this comment right now, you are an action taker, now take this to another level.

      Ask relevant questions and you will get relevant answers from relevant people.

      Best Regards
      Musa “The Giant!”

    2. Saki


      My Question , Our capital money will be lockup for 1 year and we can get an interest every week for minimum of 4%,can we get our capital after 1 year plus the interest if i will one time withdraw?..

      Whats the different of Standard and White ?

      Do you have any official office/person in philippines?


      1. MusaTheGiant

        Hi Saki,

        Thank you for your questions, answers are below…

        Answer #1:
        – No, your capital will not be locked up for 1 year. You will get all your capital back in about 5 months. You can choose to withdraw your earnings weekly, monthly or as often as you like. The minimum withdrawal is $10 or 10 Euros.

        Answer #2:
        – The reason why your capital might be locked up for 1 year is IF you buy a Standard or Exclusive Package. Only those will lock-up your Capital for 1 year. DO NOT BUY THOSE!
        – So the difference between Standard and White is that the Standard Package locks-up you capital and earnings for 1 year, the White, Yellow, Brue and other packages are flexible because they allow you to withdraw your money as often as you want, as long as your available balance is $10 or more.

        I know I kinda repeated myself above, but wanted to make sure that I answer your questions to the best of my ability, not just answer them for the sake of answering them : – )


        Best Regards
        Musa “The Giant”
        P.S: If you have not yet registered, click the link below, register and join today. Let’s ALL get paid Eveyr Friday!


  2. Apollo

    Hi Musati
    Thank you very much forather sharing. I hope I will be number one to join from my country….. ..I am very much happy.

    1. MusaTheGiant

      Hi Apollo,

      Thank you for taking your time and go through this Questra World page.

      I honestly believe that this is the best opportunity NOT to be missed.

      If you have not yet registered and joined, feel free to use my referral link below, I would love to have you in my team.


      All the best going forward,

      Best Regards

  3. Angel

    Hi Emmanuel its Angel here,I wanna know if you guys have a head office here in S.A

    1. MusaTheGiant

      Dear Angel,

      It’s Musa here.

      Thank you for your question.

      Currently, there is no official Questra World office in South Africa.

      But we already have five Questra World Directors here in South Africa now, one of them is Mr Themba Mkhwane.
      Which means that South Africa has qualified to have five Questra World Official physical offices opened.

      We should have those offices opened before the end of 2017.

      Best Regards
      Musa “The Giant”

  4. makoz

    Hie….i have read and understsnd but i have some questions
    1.if i live away from my country and currently i cannot operate my account in my home country and the country abroad how am i going to receive my bonuses?

    1. MusaTheGiant


      Thank you for reading the content and understood.

      Great question, the best form of money you can use is Bitcoin. Bitcoin can be used internationally.

      If you have a Bitcoin Debit Card, you can with your money anywhere in the world, from any ATM.

      Example: If you are in the USA, you can with withdraw USD, if you are in South Africa you can withdraw Rands, if you are in Nigeria you can withdraw Nigeria Naira etc…

      With your Bitcoin Card, you can swipe and pay for goods and services, just like you can use your Visa Card.

      I hope I was able to answer your question, please let me know if you have further questions.

      Best Regards
      P.S: If you have not yet registered and joined Atlantic Global Asset Management/Questra World, click the link below and register today.


  5. Juju

    Hello sir
    Pls can how can one get d bitcoin atmcard? Any other payment method,WhatsApp group to join and can I get AGAM estimated weekly, monthly n annual earnings in rands and in chart form if possible coz referring, people will love to see that. Thanks so much

    1. MusaTheGiant

      Hey Juju,

      It’s good to hear from you, thank you for your great questions.

      Answer #1:
      – Order your Bitcoin Card here: (You will get 25% Discount)

      Answer #2:
      – Yes, you can use Ethereum, OkayPay, Perfect Money as a form of payment. Other payment methods will be made available before the end of 2017.

      Answer #3:
      – Join our Telegram Group here:

      Answer #4:
      – Weekly earnings are determined by your investment. Example: The 90 Euros package will pay you about R60 (60 Rands every Friday) for 12 months. The bigger your investment, the bigger your earnings every Friday. Just to add: You will break-even in about 5 months, that means you will be collecting pure profit for the remaining 7 months! You can buy as many investment portfolios as you want so that you never stop earning. You ca withdraw your earnings anytime, the minimum withdrawal is $10 or 10 Euros.

      Answer #5:
      – Click the following link, scroll down towards the bottom of the page, you will see both Euro and Rands earning charts:

      I hope I was able to answer all your questions, feel free to WhatsApp me on: +27721714626 should you have follow up questions.

      Best Regards,
      Musa “The Giant”
      P.S: If you not yet registered, click here: Register and Join today.

  6. Juju

    Got it Sir, thank u n very helpful

    1. MusaTheGiant

      You welcome Juju

  7. Mohammed waseem

    Assalamualaikum Musa sir,
    How much money for a beginner has to invest in the quesrta world and how?

    1. MusaTheGiant

      Hi Mohammed,

      The minimum you can start with is 90 Euros.

      I will send you a few emails teaching you EXACTLY how to do everything, look out for emails in your inbox soon, also check your Promotions folder in your Gmail account if you seem to have missed some of my tutorial emails.

      In the meantime, just click the link below:

      1. Register and join (It’s absolutely FREE, no monthly fees).
      2. Login to your new account and Update your Profile and Password.
      3. Verify your email address and Upload your ID/Passport copy (you can upload your Proof of Residence later).
      3. Fund your account with Bitcoins and buy your Investment Portfolio
      – Watch this video to see how to do this:

      Should you have questions, feel free to join our Telegram group here:

      Best Regards
      Musa “The Giant”

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