How To Send Bitcoins

How To Send Bitcoins from Your Bitcoin Wallet to Another Bitcoin Wallet. how-to-create-a-bitcoin-wallet

On this page, I will show you how to send Bitcoins from your Bitcoin Wallet to another Bitcoin Wallet.

Let’s get started…

There are different reasons why you might want to send bitcoins, such as:

  • Paying for goods and services
  • Paying someone who might be using a different currency than yours
  • Moving your Bitcoins between your own Bitcoin Wallets
  • Playing games online


Step #1:

  • Login to your Bitcoin Wallet
  • Click the Send button
  • Enter the Bitcoin Address you want send Bitcoins to
  • Enter the amount in Bitcoins
  • Enter a description for your own reference (Optional)
  • Click the Send button!

If you are using a LocalBitcoins Wallet, you will have to click the Continue button before clicking the Send button.
Also, you can choose your country’s currency from the down arrow, e.g: USD, ZAR etc.

See the screen shots and demo video below:

How To Send Bitcoins from a LocalBicoins Wallet:
How To Send Bitcoins

How To Send Bitcoins Demo Video:

I hope this was helpful.

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