Best Bitcoin Debit Card and Bitcoin Wallet Service Providers

Discover the Best Bitcoin Debit Card and Bitcoin Wallet Service Providers.

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  • The Best Bitcoin Debit Card and Bitcoin Wallet Service Providers
  • How to get your FREE Bitcoin Wallets
  • How to Buy and Sell Bitcoins anywhere!

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#1 – BlockChain.infoBest Bitcoin Debit Card and Bitcoin Wallet Service Providers

The blockchain is a public record of Bitcoin transactions in chronological order.

Why use Blockchain?

  • They offer free secure web based Bitcoin Wallets.
  • They offer mobile phone wallets.
  • You can pair your Web Wallet with your  Mobile Wallet and BackUp your funds.
  • is the world’s biggest Bitcoin Blockchain
  • The Blockchain is not a bank. They cannot view your balance, see your transactions or make payments on your behalf.
  • You retain complete ownership of your money.

#2 – LocalBitcoins.comBest Bitcoin Debit Card and Bitcoin Wallet Service Providers

LocalBitcoins enables you to:

  • Create your free Bitcoin Wallet
  • Buy and Sell Bitcoins near you
  • Post a Buy or Sell trade
  • Secure your acount with a 2Factor Authentication feature.
  • They offer an Affiliate Program, so you can earn some passive income .
  • They are one of the biggest Bitcoin Exchange platform.

#3 –

Best Bitcoin Debit Card and Bitcoin Wallet Service Providers

Cryptopay offers a better way to manage your money. Through cryptopay, you can transfer, exchange and spend your money all over the world.

Why use Cryptopay?

Because they offer…

  • Free Bitcoin , Euro, British Pound & US Dollar wallets and Wallet Addresses
  • 25% discount  on their Bitcoin Credit Cards.
  • Partner Program and you get 10% revenue share on all the fees they charge.
  • They only charge a flat 1% fee for converting to or from BTC.
  • Free worldwide delivery.
  • Both Chip & Pin and virtual cards are available

Cryptopay Bitcoin Credit cards are accepted anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

Cryptopay Bitcoin Debit Card Features

Cryptopay Bitcoin Debit Card
Order Your Bitcoin Debit Card

Go shopping with Bitcoin:

It’s easy to load your Cryptopay Debit Card with funds from your Cryptopay Bitcoin Wallet and spend virtual or traditional currencies anywhere major payment cards are accepted.

Online or offline:

A Cryptopay bitcoin debit card works online, offline and internationally, making it simple for customers to use bitcoin at millions of businesses around the world.

Standard or Express delivery:

We always have cards in stock, so yours can be shipped the day after you place your order. The fastest option to receive it is a 3-10 working days DHL Express service.

No ID verification required:

Cryptopay customers are not required to complete ID verification provided if they are happy to stay within the lower debit card limits.

It is possible to stay anonymous where desired.

#4 –

Order Bitcoin Debit Card
Order Bitcoin Debit Card Now!

Spectrocoin allows you to manage bitcoins on mobile phone or web browser. They offer and Easy and Secure way to Send, Receive, Buy and Sell Bitcoins anytime, anywhere.

Why use Spectrocoin?

Bitcoin Exchange:

  • Instant exchange, use your funds immediately.
  • 150+ countries and 30+ currencies supported.
  • 20+ deposit and withdrawal methods are available. Including credit or debit cards, bank transfers, and cash

Bitcoin Debit Card:

  • Use it at 30+ million ATMs and 25+ million shops worldwide.
  • Spend Bitcoins anywhere within a minute.
  • High deposit and withdrawal limit.

Bitcoin Mobile Wallet:

Best Bitcoin Debit Card and Bitcoin Wallet Service Providers
Create Free Wallet & Order  Bitcoin Debit Card.
  • Manage bitcoins on mobile phone or web browser.
  • Easy and secure way to send, receive, buy and sell bitcoins anytime, anywhere.

Accept Bitcoin at your Business:

  • Accept bitcoins online and at brick and mortar stores.
  • Avoid bitcoin price risk, receive USD, EUR, GBP or your local currency to your bank account.
  • Integrate easily through API or eCommerce plugins.

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